Our Writers

Larry Ellis, Founding Member

Writes in a lyrical and poetic style while presenting big ideas and challenging the reader to keep up. Very good at creating imaginative plot devices and characters that are anything but stereotypical caricatures. For example, his latest novel features an intellectual basketball coach who sits on a bench at the end of an old, outdoor court – after he is dead.

He is also a prolific poet.

Of everyone in the Shelton College Review, he is most likely to win a Pulitzer.


Andy Spradling, Founding Member

You want action, Andy’s got it. You want realistic settings, Andy’s got it. You want good guys, bad guys, romance, double-crosses, twist and turns and a story that will keep you turning the pages, Andy’s got it. Also babes in bikinis at the beach.

Andy has an agent.

He is most likely to have his book optioned for a movie starring Sandra Bullock. Actually, he is most likely to have all his books optioned for movies starring Sandra Bullock.


Joe Bird, Johnny Come Lately

If you want hiking, trekking, hiking, topography, trekking, hiking, traversing, traversing, traversing and people who can be stupid, wait till you meet James Brown and Katherine Loudendale. Ordinary people doing ordinary things wearing ordinary clothes.

Joe tried to write poetry once.   Once.

Most likely to…check back later. This may take a while.

(Editor’s note:  You might have guessed that Joe Bird wrote his own bio here.  He is far too modest.  Joe Bird is not a marketer, he’s a serious writer.  He has the guts to write about ordinary people in everyday circumstances.  He writes about them with extraordinary insight and empathy.  He convinces us, time and again, that those folks are, at bottom, not so ordinary, after all.)


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